Our Auction Services

Here's what we will do for you...

  • An experienced, licensed/bonded professional auctioneer who has conducted hundreds of auctions and who has raised well over $ 100 million and counting! We know how to maximize all bidding at your event and will serve as your master of ceremonies (if you choose); handle raffles, drawings, or other important announcements, and introductions.
  • Consult on Live Auction item selection, item order, and starting bids. We can even give you referrals for some big-ticket, no-risk items you can sell such as once-in-a-lifetime experiences, vacation packages, cruises and adventures.
  • Conduct your Special Appeal, Fund-A-Need or other related direct cash appeal during the Live Auction portion of your event. This crucial portion of your event can raise up to 50-75% (or more) of the proceeds with no effort on your part. We'll consult and help you structure the most effective way to solicit money from your guests in a sensitive yet direct emotional appeal. If you have never done this type of fundraiser at your event, we will show you how it has been used by hundreds of organizations like yours to bring in tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Customized 70-page "Auction Planning Guide" packed with suggestions, ideas, templates, resources, and, of course, our over 20 years of experience with benefit auctions.
  • Oversee Silent Auction portion of event by advising on starting bids and bid increments; monitoring bid sheets; encouraging active bidding via continuous announcements; and of course, closing all the silent auction sections in a clear, definitive manner to reach full potential of bidding.
  • Event planning and development meetings; progress consultations and advice (either in-person** or by phone or email)---we’re here to answer your questions!
  • Train your committees/staff to assist the auctioneer, record bids, register and check-out guests as well as any other auction related duties.
  • And, of course, we will SELL, SELL, SELL every item to the highest bidder during the Live Auction with our energetic, entertaining and commanding bid calling.
Remember: Don't just focus on how much an auctioneer charges. Compare the experience, services, and benefits they offer your organization for that fee.
** If meetings or auction are not held in the greater San Diego area, applicable travel-related costs such as mileage/flight/hotel etc., to be paid by organization. Auctioneer will estimate charges on request and, if possible, will be included in contract.  

Choosing a Professional Auctioneer...

  • Never compare or deicde upon an auctioneer just by looking at the fee they charge. This is not an area to be examining in trying to reduce your event budget. An unqualified or inexperienced auctioneer can cost your organization a lot more money in the end if they don’t earn the crucial dollars for your auction event. Caterers, musicians, entertainers, and fancy decorations don’t raise money at your auction event. Choose an outstanding (and professional) auctioneer and they will!
  • Professional auctioneers typically charge either 1) a flat fee 2) fixed or sliding scale percentage on some/all of the auction sales, or 3) a guaranteed minimum flat fee against a percentage of some/all auction sales (whichever is higher). Each will offer very different services for that fee. Some will charge you just to conduct the live auction, while others may also charge to conduct the silent auction, perform master of ceremonies duties, or may even limit the amount of ongoing consulting/organizational meetings they will attend. Find out what is included in the auctioneer’s fee and if you really need or want all the services included in the price. Many provide extra staffing like ringmen or bid “spotters”, registration/cashier personnel, etc. However you may already have volunteers to do the tasks, so decide if you really want to pay for something “built” into the fee that you can get for free or that you won’t need.
  • Always choose a PROFESSIONAL auctioneer who is a member of, and meets the standards, ethics, and training of a state or national auctioneers association. Ask how many years have been devoted to conducting JUST benefit auctions (some have other jobs and “do this on the side” or simply say they can "auctioneer"). Visit their website; get references. Hearing an auctioneer do a rhythmic bidding chant on a DVD or in an interview meeting is ok, but talking to a past client will give you the best indication of the success of an event and of the performance of its auctioneer.

  • Partager Auction offers years of expertise preparing and conducting benefit and fine art auctions. Our trained, licensed and bonded professional auctioneer is qualified to advise and oversee nearly every aspect of your auction event.