NIA Appraisal Process & Fees

NIA Appraisal Process

Thank you for your interest in the National Institute of Appraisers (NIA). The NIA will be happy to assist you in determining the value of your works of art.The NIA is an organization made up of certified appraisers; each with their own specialty and handling appraisals; from Antiquities through Contemporary Art including photographs, ceramics, pottery, glass and sculpture.  

Please Note: The NIA does NOT provide verbal valuations or confirmations of authenticity without submitting art through our comprehensive appraisal process. The NIA will not provide any recommendations/referrals as to the buying/selling of artwork. By Charter, it is prohibited from engaging in such practices as, in the NIA's opinion, it constitutes a conflict of interest.

How To Begin an Appraisal
Appraisals are commonly evaluated via a photograph of your art piece which you will send to the NIA. In most cases, the NIA will not need to physically see or have the artwork shipped to review. The photo CANNOT be a color brochure or online photo; it must be an actual photo of the specific work of art in your possession. Attach the photo(s) to the required forms and mail to the NIA office (below). You should receive your appraisal in the mail within 2 weeks after we process it. 

If you prefer not to photograph or complete the forms yourself, we can do it for you. All appraisals done on-site at the client's home or office in the greater San Diego area, please add a flat $100.00 to the total appraisal fee (unlimited number of pieces). We will photograph, measure, and fill out all necessary paperwork to submit your appraisal. Contact us for on-site appraisals out of area. 
Here is the information the NIA needs to proceed with an appraisal: 
1. Click here and follow the steps to choosing the right Appraisal Forms. Complete all information such as name of artist, type of art (oil on canvas, serigraph on paper, etc. if known), title of art, the measurements of the piece (H X not include framing), and edition number (if applicable). If you do not know any of this information, indicate "unknown". Sign and date the bottom of form.
2. Several close-up, clear, 4 X 6 (minimum) photographs* of each work of art. Include at least two shots of entire front of the artwork (frame does not need to be in photo), AND the back of the artwork (only IF there is wording and/or markings,lettering, numbering etc.). Also include close-up photos of any signatures, numbering, or titles from front and back. While you may submit digital photos, you must print photos on standard photo paper and mail in; emailed photos will not be accepted. *If your appraisal is needed for Donation (IRS Non-Cash Charitable Contributions), photos must be 8 X 10 inches each. 
3.Include copies of any supporting materials you might have such as purchase receipt, certificate of authenticity, valuation, or old appraisal.

4.Payment is to the National Institute of Appraisers. The NIA accepts checks payable to NIA, as well as Visa and M/C.

5. Make sure the Appraisal Request Form has your name, address, all contact phone numbers and email address. Complete all Appraisal Forms, include payment and any/all documentation (#s 1-4) to:
National Institute of Appraisers
(Regional Office)
attn: Cheryl Parker
3525 Del Mar Heights Rd., #745
San Diego, CA 92130
Questions? Email us at

Appraisal Fees
An NIA Certified Appraisal is a comprehensive survey and analysis of the sale and acquisitions of comparable items in the national, international, primary, secondary and auction markets, and is USPAP compliant.

An NIA Certified Appraisal for even a single work of art is a comprehensive 8 page document.

All NIA Certified Appraisals contain a summary of factors on which the appraisal is based and include a statement of qualifications of the Senior Appraiser who researched and certified the assigned values.
All NIA Certified Appraisals contain the following data:
A. Purpose of appraisal
B. Date of appraisal
C. Artist name
D. Title of work or descriptive title
E. Media of work
F. Artist signature information
G. Date of work, if known
H. Condition of work
I. Edition size information
J. Dimensions of work
K. Basis of evaluation:  1. Valuation comparables  2. Valuation conclusion 
L. Provenance on items valued over $15,000.00 and history of exhibitions, if known
M. Appraised value
N. Color photo of each item

Get started NOW on your appraisal!

The NIA offers two different types of appraisals based on your needs:

This appraisal is designed for: Insurance - Estate - Probate - Dissolution - Pre-Purchase - Pre-Sale or Property Division - Litigation purposes.
Appraised Value Fee Per Item for works
of art
UP TO $ 14,999 each

 Piece #1

(includes one-time set-up charge)

Piece #2
& every piece after that, valued at up to
$ 14,999

 $210.00 each

ppraised Value Fee Per Item for works
of art
OVER $ 14,999 each
$ 15,000 - $ 29,999 $ 350.00
$ 30,000 - $ 49,999  $ 550.00
$ 50,000 - $ 99,999 $ 750.00
$ 100,000 - $ 249,999 $ 1,050.00
Above $ 250,000 $ 1,450 (plus expenses)
This appraisal is intended for use when donating art
(IRS Non-Cash Charitable Contributions)
Appraisal Fee: Appraised Value Fee Per Item
$ 0 - $ 14,999 $ 475.00
$ 15,000 - $ 29,999 $ 575.00
$ 30,000 - $ 49,999 $ 675.00
$ 50,000 - $ 99,999 $ 875.00
$ 100,000 - $ 249,999 $ 1,375.00
Above $ 250,000 $ 1,975 (plus expenses)
 Included in all above prices:
  • Examination and research
  • Document preparation
  • Two certified copies of final appraisal (with photos included)
  • Mailing costs back to client 
Not Included in appraisal fee (but available at additional fees):
  • Additional Certified copies of the appraisal @ $50.00 each
  • All appraisals done on-site at the client's home or office in the greater San Diego area, please add a flat $100.00 to the total appraisal fee (unlimited number of pieces). Please contact us for on-site appraisals out of area. 
  • Photographs taken of each work of art on site $5.00 each. For donation appraisals, 8" x 10" photographs of each work of art (as required by the IRS) will be charged at $15.00 each.
  • Expenses not normally associated with the appraisal will be agreed upon in advance by both parties.
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